The thing that I’ve found that speaks the most in our relationships with people is intentionality. The way I see this playing out the most in my life is through parenting. Dara and I love our babies (they will always be our babies) so very much. They bring so much joy to our lives. Max, Mary, Jack, and Ben are my kids, my best friends, and my greatest teachers.

Parenting has been one of the biggest blessings in my life, but parenting can be straight up hard. Dara and I are imperfect at the art of parenting, but we care deeply. We are intentional with our kids in our conversations, our discipline, our teaching moments, and our schedules. Pursuing intentionality is far greater than striving for perfection because it allows for curiosity, mistakes without shame, and deeper connections with the people you do life with.

Whether you are married, single, with kids, or without, I want to share with you how Dara and I are exploring sensitive and complex topics with our children. My prayer is that you will pick up some practices along the way of how we can pass on important lessons from one generation to the next. I want the same thing for you that I want for my kids. I want you to fix your attention on what Jesus said was most important. Loving God and neighbors.

Everything else, after all, is less important.

My friend, Doug Witherup, had me on his podcast to talk about how we Dara and I talk to our kids about racism. Here’s the link to the podcast:



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