We are getting unpacked (slowly) and this week has been going great. I am, however, adjusting to life without internet service…NO INTERNET!!!! I may survive…

This week has been filled with connecting with some great friends…it’s almost like a reunion of sorts as we work towards our first Sunday service at Hope Church tomorrow morning. Clark and Salina Beasley have come from Atlanta to join us on Sunday. Mike and Denise (our lead pastor) just came in from Raleigh. Dayne Shope (former MC student) is down from Ohio. Dara and I came from Orlando. So much fun!

I found myself driving around with Clark and Salina yesterday totally loving life. We were geting things prepared for Sunday and we were doing ALL the ground work ourselves. No volunteers yet…simply starting this thing from scatch! This is a dream come true.

I am so enjoying this…more to come (when I can find internet again) 🙂