As Dara and I have prayed about the beginning stages of Center City Church, we keep on coming back to the simple phrase “slow and steady”. I keep on telling our core team (which is now at 20+ people) that we never get a chance to start again. Over the next couple of months, we have an incredible opportunity to intentionally focus on the foundation of this church.

We will be starting our weekly gatherings in September, but we will not be obtaining a meeting place at that point. We will be focusing on our core team and gathering in our living room. God has brought together a phenomenal team around us. It’s up to Dara and I as leaders to thoroughly communicate the vision that God has put in our hearts. We will take our time as we slowly and deliberately talk about who we are and why we do what we do. We will listen as our core team dialogues with us about what they anticipate and expect. Our communication will deepen our understanding of each other and form a strong foundation for the life and health of Center City Church.

We never get a chance to start again, so we might as well enjoy the beginning stages and not be afraid to take it slow and steady.