We have made some very conscious decisions in the early days of Center City Church that are producing some amazing realities. We have done no advertising to date, yet we are seeing new people come every single week.

We have 50-60 people every week at our gatherings. No records smashed there, but it’s beautiful. During our staff meeting this past week, we called out – by name – each person that has come to our church since we opened six weeks ago. I was a bit startled to see that we have around 100 people right now that could consider Center City “their church.” As averages go, not everyone shows up at the same time, so we end up every week with our average of 50-60 people.

I think the most amazing part that I have seen is that out of the 100(+/-) people that have come through our doors, every person (besides three people) have come because of a personal invite from a friend. That’s amazing. And I’m seeing that people already know a bunch about our church before they ever walk through our doors. Our friends are taking the message of what God is doing at Center City to their friends, co-workers, families and acquaintances. I think that is beautiful. And healthy.

I have grown to be comfortable with this fact: slow and steady growth doesn’t happen quickly. I am seeing the benefits of taking our time. Of not stressing over numbers. Of valuing each person that walks through the doors of our beautiful venue. It’s producing something that is deepening quickly and expanding in width slowly but surely.

And that sounds just perfect to me.