We spent the weekend with Mark and Linda Derringer and their girls (visiting us from Orlando, FL). Had a great time connecting with a family that we love, admire and respect.

Mark is a great head of their home. He works hard to provide for his family and loves Linda and the girls deeply. Linda is an incredible mother and role model for the girls. They, like us, have four children. Their girls range from pre-teen to twenty years old. They have lived through what we are experiencing right now. The absolute joy of raising four kids. They have also experienced the stress and challenges of raising little ones.

Our oldest, Max, is almost six. Our youngest, Ben, is ten months old. Sandwich them with Mary (four) and Jack (two) and we have a very busy household. Spending time with Mark and Linda was so good for us. Besides just getting to reconnect with great friends, we had a preview of what our life is going to be like in the not-so-distant future.

I love seeing the love Mark and Linda have for each other. I love seeing the way that their investment into their children has returned in amazing children. Spending time with them gives us encouragement to just keep doing what we’re doing. Keep investing into our marriage, loving our kids, teaching them about Jesus, disciplining them and encouraging them.

So grateful for friends. So grateful for the past three days with the Derringers. Sad to see them go. Glad to know they are still a part of our lives, even from a distance.