Selah is a great word found in Scriptures. It refers to a musical instruction or instruction for reading a text. I found a translation tonight (thank you Wikipedia) that defined it as “stop and listen”. A widely accepted definition is simply “rest”. It helps us to appreciate what was just played or read. It also is a great word to describe my Monday.

We had an incredible weekend with Jerred and Randi Peacock. They arrived late Friday night and we spent long days and late nights catching up, laughing, playing cards and enjoying each other’s company. We also had another awesome service at Hope on Sunday. The people are really responding to God and I am so encouraged to see the growth both spiritually and numerically. Top it off with a 5 hour shift on Sunday night at Caribou Coffee and I was totally beat.

We took a selah today in the Docusen home. We slept in, had breakfast with the kids, played video games, tickled and tackled, napped and just had an overall smashing family day. Top it all off with a drive to Christmastown USA and we had an absolute blast. There is something about spending long days with my family that centers me and helps me to feel revived and rejuvenated.

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of another long week with early mornings and late nights, but today was a day to simply rest.