I was duped as a child. We all were. Let me explain.

Our most amazing form of discipline in the Docusen home is a pen these days. Every time my kids get out of line, Dara takes a pen and threatens to “scratch off one of their Christmas presents”. They freak out, straighten up and beg for mercy. It’s wonderfully effective. The only problem with this is that it’s a total sham.

Dara and I absolutely LOVE buying the kids the presents. Maybe even as much as they love getting them. To prove this point further, the presents that they “scratch off the list” are already under the tree. Dara and I wait with anticipation to see their excitement. It gives us so much joy to see them happy.

My thoughts then wandered to when I was a kid. My mom threatened to not get us the brand new Nintendo Entertainment System with Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Bologna.

I was duped. Now I’m the duper.