A follow-up to an earlier blog titled “What I Read”:

I failed to mention how easy it is to follow most bloggers. I mentioned that I follow Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Brad Lomenick, Mark Batterson,etc. The way that I review these blogs is via email. Most blogs have a subscription option (usually along the side of their web page). You can subscribe to have their blogs come straight to your email inbox.

I get multiple emails per day from different bloggers. I peruse most and discard. Some, however, catch my attention. I take the ones that really stick out to me and file them away in my journal on my computer under their specific folders. This allows me to easily access things that spark ideas and motivate me to action.

Again – hope this helps. I’m a big believer in not re-inventing the wheel. There are a ton of free resources out there of people who are doing the same things I love to do. And we all LOVE free resources (that are good).