I am very conscious of the decisions I am making today. I am not much of a farmer-type, but I do at the very least understand that if I want a potato in August, I need to plant the potato seeds today. That decision to plant today will bring the harvest in August.

I can see so much for the future of Center City Church. I see life and health. I see our people growing and spreading the message of what Christ is doing in our community. I see friendships deepening and life being lived together. But I have to do something about it today.

I need
to invite someone to my home to get to know them better.
I need to meet up at Central Coffee to share stories with a new friend.
I need to go on a double date with a new couple that we just met.

The seeds of friendship that I plant today will grow. But it takes time. It takes effort. It takes commitment. If we truly want to be a part of a healthy community of friends, we all have to do our part.

If we want potatoes in August, we need to plant potato seeds today. Happy farming in Uptown!