One of the most beautiful parts of our intentional refraining from advertising has been slow, steady and consistent growth. Almost every person that has walked through our doors has been to Center City because of a personal invitation from a friend. Each week since we have started we have met new people that are checking out what is happening for the first time.

We have also kept our creativity and production of services to a minimum. Not because we don’t believe in using our God-given creativity, but because we are diligently working to build a solid foundation. Our focus is squarely on the people that walk through our doors and our great God we hope to point their attention toward. We will add those elements in time (full band, creative videos, aesthetically pleasing decor in our venue, etc). But for now, it’s just a few banners, curtains, flat screen tv’s and some speakers.

I’ve noticed a wonderful symptom coming to the surface. Instead of people feeling like we NEED them to pull off our services, people are feeling like they BELONG as a part our group.

The creativity will come. It’s already in each one of us in varying ways. And when we do take those next steps of creativity, our art will reflect our maker.