God’s provision comes in so many ways. Here’s a brief look at some of the things that have happened this month:

– We started off the month with just over $200 in our fundraising account and no guarantee for February’s salary. In the past two weeks, we have received $1,800 of donations to our salary. We’re not there yet, but God is bringing in the finances. He always provides.

– A family in our church gave us a $100 American Express gift card on Sunday. Little did they know that we needed that amount to get the double stroller that we had been looking at for our ever-growing family. (We are now officially that family that wanders the mall with TWO double strollers). That combined with another $110 that we had been given to Target and we had enough to finally get our stroller.

– We went to Target tonight to get our stroller (retail price of $169.99). It was on sale for $84.99! We used the extra money to buy Max, Mary and Jack new shoes and some miscellaneous things for the house that we have needed.

– I made $14 in tips today at Caribou 🙂

– Three weeks ago we were praying because we had no car seat. Two nights later a couple in our church showed up at our door with a brand new car seat.

– The day we brought Ben home from the hospital I prayed and asked God to give us a bassinet and an extra pack and play to keep downstairs so we didn’t have to go up and down the stairs. I kid you not, THAT AFTERNOON, a friend of the family came over with – you guessed it – a bassinet, a pack and play and other random baby things.

I told Dara the other day that I feel like God’s ear is right next to my voice. I have this overwhelming sensation that he is actually listening to my prayers. That he knows my needs. That he cares to hear my pray.

I believe. No one can convince me otherwise. Only God knows where the remainder of our income will come from for February. He has already blessed us from multiple unexpected angles. I have just learned to trust and believe.

What a month.