We sent off our missions checks for this month and we are so excited! We absolutely love this time of the month at Center City Church. We were able to send off two checks to organizations that we believe in a great deal.

The first one was Run For Freedom. This ministry is headed up by Pat and Maryann Manzo (former colleagues of mine at Calvary Assembly in Orlando, FL). They are now neck deep in reaching out to the victims of human trafficking here in America. This is a huge problem in our country, yet it is largely unnoticed. They have just purchased a home that will serve as a restoration center for individuals that have been terrorized by this horrible crime.

The second check went to the North Carolina Church Planting Endowment. This endowment is in place to help churches (like Center City) get up and running in the early stages. They blessed us when we first started Center City and we wanted to bless them back as they help start churches all across North Carolina.

This is one of the most exciting times of the month for us. Thank God for his continued provision in our lives, in our church and through our church to others!