Dara and I were blessed beyond imagination to be able to lead an incredible ministry in Orlando prior to our move to Charlotte. Calvary Orlando Master’s Commission was an amazing 3 year experience that impacted so many lives – including mine.

I look across the country and see people that came through this discipleship program making an impact in so many ways. Jerred leads a growing and thriving sports league that connects so many people. John Gum is taking major steps toward his calling. Sprague is off at Southeastern studying to get his bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry. Ginny is living a dream working at Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse in Washington DC and soaking it all in. Dayne – well – Dayne lives in my basement and is interning with us here at Hope 🙂

There are so many others that I could go on and on about, but this thought keeps going through my mind: Master’s Commission lives on.

The time that Dara and I spent investing our lives into these young adults was time well spent. Our lives were impacted by theirs, as well. We opened our world to them and they responded in kind. We are blessed to have a family that stretches all around the country. COMC taught me about true biblical community. My life will never be the same.

I’m so proud of our students. I love to sit back and hear of the stories of them spreading their wings and taking flight.

COMC lives on in so many ways.