I have never been more excited and more fulfilled than I am today. The church is going great and the vision for the future is exciting. That being said, I don’t believe my margins have ever been quite so thin.

Balancing life and ministry can be very tricky at times. Add in a second job and the challenge becomes even more formidable. I have made a commitment to myself that I will not let the challenges of my schedule steal my time from being a great husband and father. I find that margins have become one of my greatest challenges in the past few months. My prayer is that I have the wisdom to do the important things first (faithfully show up on time and every time at Caribou and creatively and efficiently approach my time working on Hope Church stuff) so that I can get home to my MOST important role on this side of heaven: husband and father.

This is a constant struggle that is totally worth every effort. No one else can play the role that I play in my family. I love what I do. I love my family more. There is a balance between the two. This will always be an ongoing struggle, but its a struggle that I intend to embrace.