Center City Church is 80% twenty & thirtysomethings. That’s awesome on many levels. So many that are in this demographic have become disillusioned by their parents and grandparents representation of faith. They grew up during an age of explosive growth of communication. New ideas from all parts of the world at their fingertips. But all of that noise has seemed to drown out the sweet, still, small voice of God that draws them in. So much noise. Not enough silence. Too many tweets and status updates. Not enough open space to consider their lives and their need for a savior.

While I love pastoring this group of twenty & thirtysomethings, I am praying for spiritual mothers and fathers to begin to have a heart for this generation that is rising into positions of leadership and influence. If you have been around the block a few more times than us, I’m asking for you to consider God’s call to pour into the next generation.

Paul did this with Timothy. Moses did this with Joshua. And the results were incredible. The message of faith, freedom and power found in God continued to spread. But it took intentionality. You may not like our music. We may not like yours. But you didn’t like your parent’s music either, right? We are a passionate, growing group of people that are learning to love Jesus. But we need the wisdom of those that have been there before us. We need to listen. We need to stop being arrogant and realize that there’s no difference between our generations when it comes right down to it. We all think we’re right at this age.

We need perspective. And your perspective may be exactly what we’re so desperately in need of seeing. If God is calling you to pour into the next generation of leaders, influencers and world changers, I am humbly inviting you to Center City Church. There’s a bunch of us that need your wisdom. We may not agree on music or the way our jeans are intended to fit, but we can agree that the same Jesus that impacted your life is the same Jesus that is impacting ours. And we want your voice in our lives.

Are you out there?