I have been so blown away by the love and commitment of so many people in my life. It’s like God has collectively brought a group of people together that are teaching me what it means to truly let go, trust others and empower people to accomplish their God given potential.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to hold on to the things that I love the most. But it’s in letting go and letting God determine our steps that I am finding the most health. As others are rising up around me, I’m seeing that they are taking things to a completely new level at Center City Church.

I am so intrigued and encouraged by this season. We are growing as a church family. But it’s growth that has much less to do with me and way more to do with so many that are rising up and using their gifts for God’s glory. Really cool season right now. Thanks to all that are pitching in and taking things to a completely new level.

We’re in a new season, experiencing new things and seeing God do new things in us and through us. And I’m having a blast. I love my job.