Here’s the thing about laboring in the foundation of a new work: it’s laborious.

Now that may seem to be a redundant, unnecessary statement. But I am convinced that we need reminding. Human nature leads us to want things quickly. Unnaturally fast. We see other businesses, other churches, other start-ups that have “blown up” and we make that our aim. And while we aim for that anomaly, we begin to neglect the most important part of the building: the foundation.

We all can say it ’til we are blue in the face with conviction. But it’s much harder to live in the reality of building a strong foundation. It takes consistent, incredibly difficult effort over a long period of time to build something of value. Ask anyone that has built something that has stood the test of time.

If you are in the beginning stages of something that is of high value to you, don’t forsake the early days while dreaming of the future. There are certain things that just take time. There’s no fast forward button. So let’s resolve to enjoy the beginnings. The end result will be worth every moment of unseen effort, every terrifying trip to the bank and every tear you have cried. Hold on, stay faithful and continue laboring in the foundations.