I have waited 14 years for the Orlando Magic to return to the NBA Finals. I went to the very first game 20+ years ago. I lived through horrendous seasons that led to Shaq and Penny leading the charge through the mid-90’s. I lived through Nick Anderson’s four missed free throws that could have sealed game one of the 1995 NBA Finals. Instead, he choked and we got swept. I lived through Shaq leaving, Penny blowing up (in a bad way), T-Mac’s drama, Grant Hill’s ankle surgeries and finally drafting Dwight Howard. Being a Magic fan is synonymous shows great commitment and faithfulness in a person because we have had a VERY long road back to the finals.

However, this is our time! This is our series! We are in the finals again after a serious detour through mediocrity. What did we do the first game? Well, we got walloped by 25 points.

Now that we are through with all that…LET’S GO MAGIC! Game two is Sunday night. Jump on the bandwagon with me, people! There’s plenty of room for fair-weather fans if it means you’ll cheer them on to victory!