Today is my first day “in the office” in 2010 as the pastor of Center City Church. In many ways, it feels like my first day on the job. We have spent the past 4 months meeting regularly with an amazing group of 25 people that have come together with a common vision to start this new church in Uptown Charlotte.

Today feels different, though. We are moving forward with specific vision and direction. This vision now includes a new venue, start dates, plans, etc. 2010 promises to see structure begin to form around the DNA that God has created at Center City Church.

As I navigate these thoughts today, I feel a very common feeling for anyone jumping out into the unknown: inadequacy. I have long fought a battle with feeling ill-prepared for the things that God has called Dara and I to do. From my first job selling dress shoes at Jarman Shoe Store in the Altamonte Mall to accepting the call to lead Center City Church from the ground up.

I didn’t know how to sell shoes. Mainly because I had never done it before. And I was sixteen years old and cared quite little about the superior leather found in one dress shoe compared to another. But I learned. To be honest, I still don’t care quite much about the superior leather in shoes, but I learned how to sell them.

I don’t know how to lead a church. Mainly because I have never done it before. I remember talking to Pastor Rick Ross recently when he looked at me and said, “David, I don’t know one more thing than I know.” So true. Just like learning how to sell shoes, I will learn and grow. And the good news is that I care deeply about what I am doing now. I love this calling with an immeasurable amount of commitment and passion.

These feelings of inadequacy are not a bad thing. I am sure that we all feel inadequate at times. And I think these feelings keep us humble. Starting a church is nothing that should be able to be done in our own strength. The dream God placed in your heart should never be able to be accomplished in your own strength. When we recognize that the dream God has placed in our hearts is impossible without him, we find a holy combination of inadequacy and confidence.

In myself, I am unable to realize the dream that is in my heart. With God, I can do all things. The apostle Paul had this same realization. While talking to a group of people about the ups and downs of his life, he makes this statement:

Philippians 4:13 – For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

I don’t know one more thing than I know. And one thing I know for sure is that Christ gives me strength to accomplish his purposes. I know that Christ has called Dara and I to lead Center City Church in Uptown Charlotte. I find great confidence in this fact. I find motivation that is so compelling that it keeps me up at night and wakes me up in the morning. I find joy that is filled with passion and excitement. I find confidence that comes from the source of all wisdom, strength, power, etc: Jesus Christ.

I am so grateful for feelings of inadequacy. They are my reminder that all that is accomplished in my life is because of Christ who lives in me. And this absolute truth gives me great confidence.

Romans 11:36 – For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory. All glory to him forever! Amen.

I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength. That even includes selling dress shoes and leading Center City Church.