It’s never gotten quite this difficult* before.

We have been living solely on God’s provision and the generosity of so many across the country for so long. We start each month with $0 in our fundraising account* and God has provided every step of the way. Yet each month I feel tempted to try to take this back into my own hands through worry, fear, doubt, etc.

I have spent time this week preparing applications for four different grants equaling a potential $52,000. Our goal is to completely raise our salary for the next year* (again) so that Center City Church is on a solid financial foundation for the future.

REALITY CHECK: We only have $500 in our fundraising account right now* for our next paycheck that is due in 10 days*. Although we are working very hard on raising our funds, we find ourselves in the middle of sending out new fundraising materials and actually getting money back in to our account. The challenge has never seemed so big* as it does right now.

I gave this burden to God today, yet even as I type this I feel the need to give it to him again. I have learned that when I have done all I can in my power, God makes up the difference*.

*When all the odds are stacked against us, it is important to remember God’s promise: Luke 1:37 – For nothing is impossible with God.