We get a little stir crazy in the Docusen home. Being inside continuously with three kids is enough to…well…make you want to get outside 🙂

We took the kids to Frank Liske Park on Thursday. We had so much fun! It’s so cute to see Jack trying to hang with Max and Mary. He was climbing up the slide and going down all by himself. So so so cute.

We spotted a little league field across the park and took the kids to play “imaginary baseball”. Imagine the scene of me throwing the imaginary baseball to the kids with their imaginary bats. They would then take off (all three of them) and run the bases.

Max is so intense. He would run as fast as he could and he even got a “sliding lesson” from his daddy. He just liked getting dirty. Mary didn’t quite get the idea of turning after first base, so she would run straight through the base and follow the foul line to the outfield. Jack would just follow the one he was closest to at the present time. So much fun.