The other day I was putting Max to bed and he kept on looking at the closet. He had such a peaceful, yet serious, look on his face. I asked him what he was thinking and this is what he said:

Max: Daddy…I saw Jesus yesterday.
Dad: You did…Where was he?

M: Over there (pointing above the closet)
D: What was he doing?

M: Floating and watching me sleep.
D: Jesus was watching you sleep and protecting you?

M: Yep.
D: Well if you see Jesus again will you tell him I said hi, cuz I’ve always wanted to see him!

M: Yep.

That’s how the conversation went. I truly believe that Max saw Jesus that day. Even if he imagined it, I am grateful to know that my little boy was sensitive enough to recognize the presence of our savior. You should have seen the look on his face when he was talking about all of this. So peaceful. So genuine.

If only I had faith like my 4 year old…maybe I could see Jesus, too…