I have really enjoyed my time at Caribou Coffee. It’s been a little over two months since I started working there. This is my first job outside of full time vocational ministry in over ten years.

The staff has been amazing. I have had the craziest three week span of my entire life (Baby Ben coming, my grandpa passing away, a trip to Michigan for the funeral, working two jobs and throwing in a pretty stout sickness). Through it all, the staff at Caribou and our manager have been absolutely incredible. So encouraging, flexible and willing to chip in and help.

Beyond the amazing people I work with, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the coffee business. My coffee/espresso IQ has gone through the roof. The team at Caribou really cares about quality beverages. I am so glad I’ve learned the “right” way to prepare drinks. I have become quite passionate about coffee standards 🙂

I love Caribou.