Every time that I want to learn more about my wife, Dara, I go to her Uncle Forrest (pictured above). He has known Dara for her entire life. He loves her so much and he’s a great story teller. I ask him questions about her. He tells me story after story about Dara’s life. I don’t talk right to Dara. I just talk to Uncle Forrest because he’s known her for a lot longer than I have.

There are other times that I want to learn more about her from other perspectives, so I always call her sister, Tori (pictured above). She and Dara are as close as sisters can be, so Tori is a treasure trove of information on my wife. I learn so much about my wife from her sister.

This is pretty ridiculous, right? It’s also not true. When I want to get to know Dara, I spend time with her. I ask her questions. I enjoy her company and we enjoy life together.

Sadly, I think that many relegate their relationship with God to hearing about him from a pastor on a Sunday morning. Maybe a mentor that has known God their entire life. Or a good book on God. That’s not the way that God designed relationships. It’s true for a healthy marriage and it’s true for your relationship with Him. He wants to talk to you. He wants to enjoy your company and enjoy life with you. 

We get to know God through His Word – the Bible. We spend time with him in prayer. That’s the way that we cultivate relationship and intimacy. He knows everything about you. Maybe you can learn more about him?

We are moving into a season unlike any I’ve ever been a part of in my life. Our entire community is gathering around one reading plan in the Scriptures. Our aim is not to read the entire Bible. It’s to get to know God. He wants to talk to each one of us, individually.

If you want to know God for yourself (instead of simply relying on others eyewitness accounts), I encourage you to join us. If you want to learn how to read the Word and grow explore your faith on a deeper level, click here to read more about how we are all pointing to God during this upcoming season as we dig into his Word together.

Uncle Forrest and Tori are great ways for me to get to know Dara more. But if I want to know my wife, I have to talk to her, personally. Pastors, mentors, friends and books are great resources. But they aren’t enough. God wants to talk to you, personally. He knows your name. Get to know him.

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