I love the fact that I am not a robot. God created me with the ability to reason. He gave me the ability to feel. He gave me the power of choice.

He could have programmed me to love him, but that was not the type of love he wanted. He wanted my choice. It is that choice that makes me love him all the more.

He doesn’t force me to read my Bible. He doesn’t force me to talk to him. I choose to read my Bible. I choose to pray. I choose to love him. I can also choose to ignore him or walk away. I decide how close I want to be in this relationship with God. He’s always there, but my choice brings me closer to him.

When I make this choice to draw close to God, my life is centered. My perspective is true. My confidence is high. My fears melt away. My doubt is replaced by faith. My spirit is alive.

When I go on my own, the opposite begins to happen. My life is out of balance. My perspective is on the challenges around me. My confidence is shaken. My fears gain a voice in my head. My doubt is dominant. My spirit is weary.

Thank you, Lord, for not making me a robot. I choose you.