Of all the challenges in church planting, the one that seems to always need close attention is the combination of being a husband, father, pastor and friend.

If one of these areas are lacking, life seems to get off kilter. I have grown accustomed to sticking close to my calendar so that all can be given proper time. I have found that my nights of late night work are few and far between because I’m committed to keeping such a strict calendar during the days. I have time set aside for meeting with people from church, studying for Sundays, studying for personal growth as a leader, etc.

Dara and I have a recurring date night. I coach tee ball. I try to always be home by 5:30 to spend time with the kids before we start the bed time process. And I am committed to taking days off so that I can refresh mentally and recharge by spending time with Dara and the kids.

Husband, daddy, pastor and friend – an incredible combination!