I remember staring at our first stack of fundraising materials that we sent out last year. I was sick to my stomach realizing that I was about to ask everyone I knew (at least the ones I had their addresses) for money. I had never asked anyone for anything like this before.

Fast forward to September, 2009. God has provided for us perfectly. We have not gotten a guaranteed paycheck in over sixteen months. We are now in the middle of designing (with the help of graphical gurus Will Morgan and Patrick Bader) a whole new fundraising campaign for Center City Church. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to cover the startup cost of the church (sound, video, lighting, venue rental, etc), salary and health insurance for the year for our family.

I still am not completely comfortable with the idea of asking others for money. I have realized, however, that the only way to accomplish what God has put in our hearts is to humble myself and give others the opportunity to become shareholders in the vision of Center City.

When I remember that fundraising allows me to continue to bring the light and love of Christ to Uptown Charlotte, something clicks on inside of me. That’s when I realize that it’s my honor to humble myself, pray and simply ask for help.