Our May paycheck marked 12 full months of God’s perfect provision. What a huge milestone to pass on our church planting journey. It was 12 months ago that we got our last guaranteed paycheck. For the past 12 months we have been paid by over 70 different individuals and families that have invested into our family and our vision to bring hope to Charlotte.

After 12 months of living by faith, I must say that it doesn’t become easy to live by faith. For instance, as of today, we are close to $3,000 short of our salary for the month of June (10 days from now). It’s not easy looking at that reality. However, we have a much healthier perspective on God’s provision. We do all we can so he can do all he can.

My strategy for raising $3,000 in the next 10 days? Seek God in my personal life. Work hard at Hope Church. Continue to put the need out there and give people an opportunity to give. Let go.

God has promised to provide. I stand upon that solid foundation of truth. Back to work I go.