I have always had a desire to change the world. But every time I would allow myself to be exposed to the needs of the world, I would get terribly overwhelmed. In the past month, God has arrested my attention and filled me with a motivation that I’ve never known. It started with this simple thought that went through my head:

Just because I can’t do everything doesn’t mean I can’t do something.

Translation: you gotta start somewhere. And it turns out that a mixture of hard work, patience and Google is all it takes to make a difference at home and across the world. I spent an entire evening on Google the other night researching what’s already happening in my community and around the world. I have been pleasantly surprised at the incredible number of great organizations that are already addressing needs in our community. So I started to email a bunch of different places, set meetings and simply express our willingness to explore how our church can come alongside them.

I want to change the world. It seems that it may simply start at the women & children’s shelter down the street or by partnering with our local Department of Social Services office. So practical.

Let’s do something. Together. More to come…