Center City Church just celebrated our one month anniversary! We had a nice chuckle yesterday during service when I told them that I felt like one of those teenage dating couples that celebrates random anniversaries like the one month mark. We never get the beginning back, so we might as well fully enjoy the journey! In all seriousness, this is a dream come true and I can’t wait to see all that month number two has to offer.

I’m so privileged to be able to pastor a group of people that are so hungry and willing to learn. We dove right in to a very honest teaching on forgiveness yesterday. We talked about the enormous debt that Christ canceled for us when He gave his life on the cross for our sins. And we discussed how that should compel us to forgive others, no matter the offense.

I love Center City Church. I love the welcoming and loving environment. I love our people.

Happy one month anniversary, Center City!