During lunch on Sunday after church, I noticed our son, Max (six years old), was slumping down in his chair with his eyes closed. I’ll never forget the moments that followed:

Me: Max, are you sleepy?

Max: No.

Me: Are you ok?

Max: Yes, Daddy.

Me: What’s up?

Max: God just spoke to me.

Me: What was that?

Max: God just spoke to me. And I listened.

Me: What did God say?

Max: He told me he wanted me to teach at church.

My heart melted. I told him to come on a walk with me and I kneeled down to his level and told him about the story when God called me as a boy to help people (“help people” is Max’s definition of what pastors do). I told him that I still help people today. I also told him that God can speak to kids and that I was so proud of him for listening to God.

What an unforgettable moment. Thank you, God, for caring enough to talk to my boy. Thank you, God, for my six year old son that is willing to listen to you speak.

I pray that I can follow Max’s example.