I have recently gotten to a point that I truly expect God’s faithfulness and provision. There are still moments , however, that I am genuinely surprised about how God goes about doing so.

I truly believe that my faith is higher than it’s ever been in my entire life. Every month we have to believe God for financial provision. Our fundraising is at the point that we are 2 weeks away from getting our last paycheck from the money we have raised. Every month, though, God provides. Last night and today were two more examples.

Dara and I were talking the other day and she said something that really startled me. She said, “what are we going to drive Baby Ben home in when we leave the hospital?” It hit me that we still didn’t have a car seat and stroller for Ben (he’s due in the next couple of weeks). We started to pray (with the help of Ginny P). Two days later, a couple came over with a car seat. AMAZING! That was the first time in a long time that I was genuinely surprised.

Mike and I met this morning and we were discussing our financial situation. We still need a good bit more right now to have enough to make sure I get paid in January. We checked our online giving account and to my surprise, there were three families from Hope that had given a total of $250 to my salary. Again – genuinely surprised.

Why do I share these things on a public forum like this? First off, I like to think of this blog as a way for me to publicly declare the things that I am believing for in faith. That way He gets all the glory when it happens. I believe that God will provide. I also want to use this forum to challenge others to simply believe. I want to give people a front row seat to watching God pull off the impossible. I believe that encouragement might lead others to take huge steps of faith.

I struggle every day with the battle between reality and faith. The reality is that I should be killing myself trying to make an extra buck to provide for my family. My faith tells me that I absolutely believe that I am doing all that God has asked me to do.

I have done fundraising till I’m blue in the face. I am working at Caribou Coffee. Beyond that, I feel like God challenged me to have faith to believe for the rest and continue doing what I do at Hope. Reality tries to stress me out and put fear in my heart. Faith shifts my perspective to my God who has always provided.

I choose faith today. And today I am genuinely surprised – again.