There are sure to be many new experiences coming our way as we get closer to leaving Orlando and heading to Charlotte to plant Hope Church. The one I’m in the middle of right now is the fundraising process. I am beginning the process of raising our entire 1st year’s salary. Never done that before.

If I think about it in the natural (wife, three kids, health insurance, purchase of a new home, sale of our current home in Orlando, etc) it can be pretty overwhelming. However, every time I pray about it, I feel “peace that passes all understanding”. I remember that Philippians talks about this peace, and it is great to be experiencing it today. Dara and I have been working hard on our mailing piece that we will send out to EVERYONE WE KNOW (if you are reading this and you know me…you’ll get one) 🙂 It’s been a lot of fun, but it’s a pretty big project. We are making an 8 page magazine style piece that we will use to let people know what we are doing and what our needs are for the next year. The goal is to get it to print before I leave for Costa Rica on Monday evening (missions trip with Master’s).

Please keep praying for us! God is infinitely bigger than our needs. He knows our situation and has already provided for us. That is our reality.