We just finished our first Sunday morning service at Hope Church. What an incredible experience. As I was walking around the school cleaning up the last little bit today I had a realization: this was my favorite day of church in my life.

Let me put that in context for you. I was born in Westland, MI. I truly believe I was born, my parents kissed me and then took me straight to church. I have been there since. However…this was my favorite day. I loved that fact that I was up at 6:30am. I love the fact that we had to set everything up. I loved leading worship and then listening to Mike preach a passionate message on the centrality of Christ at Hope Church. I loved the fact that we had to clean everything up when it was all over. There was something very pure about today.

God will expand our teams of volunteers that will help in the future with these things, but my prayer today is I never lose this purity.

Today was a great, great day.