The past several months have brought much of the same challenges and victories, financially, for our family as we have become accustomed to in our church planting journey.

We are in the process of finding new and creative ways to engage in fundraising. I am so grateful for relationships that God has brought into my life to encourage me and teach me new ways to provide funding for our family and ministry.

The past couple of months have been an absolute miracle as God has provided for us. We start off each month with no money in our fund raising account, and God has provided every single month for every one of our needs.

For example, last month, we had over twenty different individuals, families and churches invest into our family financially and it all added up to enough to keep us going another month. That also included a gift of $1,150 from a church in North Carolina that I don’t even know. Don’t know the pastor. Never heard of the church. I even tried to call and say thank you, but never got a reply. I can only chalk that one up to the fact that God knows how to provide for his kids. He provides for us so well. And he uses people all over (even ones we don’t know) to do just that.

It’s a challenging and humbling journey, but it’s totally worth it. I’ve been praying for months about getting a full-time job, but continue to feel God’s direction to keep going full time with pastoring Center City. I will march to his beat for all my days. If he changes the beat, I’ll change my march. Until then, we keep going and trusting that he will provide.

It’s been 18 months. And we’re still going. All praise to God.