There is no greater honor in my life on this side of heaven than to be called husband and daddy. My wife and kids honored me in such an amazing way on Sunday. The kids came running down the stairs so excited to give me my Father’s Day present they had worked so hard on all week.

Each of them answered questions asked by Dara and she put their response into a scrapbook with pictures. They drew me original Docusen Kid artwork. Each of them told stories (even Jack, our two year old) and Dara wrote them out word for word. The last page of the scrapbook was a collection of pictures from the last 5 years of being a daddy.

Tears came to my eyes. Their answers were so precious. They are so loving and genuine. This was such an amazing day for me. I am so blessed to have an amazing wife that is so thoughful. I am so blessed to have incredible kids.

All day long I kept on getting unsolicited “Happy Father’s Day” from the kids and kiss after kiss. I love my family.