I recently got hooked on a great business magazine called Fast Company. I love it.

This magazine is chocked full of new ideas that are shaping the business world. One particular article that really caught my eye recently talked about a certain marketing strategy they called “dirty marketing”. The basic idea is that advertisers create a “perceived need” (a need that really doesn’t even exist) and then they sell their product to fill this “need”.

This got me thinking about what we are doing at Hope.

I want to market Hope all around the community. I want people to recognize our brand. I want our neighbors to have to choose to not come to Hope. I don’t want them to never show up because they didn’t know we were there. The difference between our marketing and “dirty marketing” is that we are filling “actual need” in people’s lives.

There’s that void inside all of us that cries out for God. So many fill that void with countless things (possessions, money, misguided motivation, alcohol, drugs, relationships, etc). The problem is that these are perceived needs and the void is never completely full.

Their actual need is realized when Christ enters their lives.

Amazing what can come from reading a magazine article on marketing, eh?