Dara and I celebrated eleven years of marriage this weekend. Of all the blessings of my life – which there are many – my marriage is the one that I hold in the highest regard. 

Dara is my best friend. My greatest strength on this side of heaven. She listens when I need to vent and speaks when I need to listen.

We lead together. Our leadership is expressed uniquely, yet unified. She’s a quiet, behind the scenes type. I’m an out front, social type. We work together well and share the responsibility and privilege of shepherding this community together

Our marriage is build upon the unbreakable bedrock of our faith in Christ. The miracle of grace and salvation found in Jesus is our foundation.  We move into parenting, ministry, friendships and joy because of Jesus and the work he has done in us. 

We are far from perfect, but perfectly satisfied with each other. I love my bride and I am so honored to celebrate our eleventh year of marriage. This will be one very, very memorable year together. There’s no one else I’d rather share the journey with than my lovely lady, Dara Christina Docusen.