I have had a long standing theory in my life. It goes like this: Everyone needs a John Gum.

John Gum is the guy that is the ultimate real life MacGyver. He is the guy that can take seven toothpicks, a gallon of milk, a handful of pine bark and duct tape and make something very, very useful. Let’s just talk about the real John Gum for a second.

He’s one of our associate pastors at Center City Church.
He is an incredible worship leader.
He runs sound and trains others to do the same.
He is training for a triathlon.
He likes to hunt.
He really enjoys packing large trucks and makes it his personal tetris game.
He owns a truck. With a towing hitch.
And he fixes cars for fun.

Speaking of fixing cars, John Gum spent 8 hours today fixing my car. My alternator went out and John took it upon himself to fix it for me. He’d never done this job on a Ford Focus before, but that didn’t stop him. He just pulled out his iPhone, Googled “how to fix an alternator on a Ford Focus”, took my engine apart, put the new alternator in, put everything back together and then changed my oil for good measure.

Everyone needs a John Gum. More than his many talents, I wish everyone had a friend like John Gum. If all of us could be more like John Gum, the world would be a better place.

Thanks, John Gum!