Dara, Mike, Sam and I met with Mark Batterson this morning. During the course of our 1.5 hour conversation the synergy of the Holy Spirit was so evident. He is doing some pretty amazing things in DC that are worth checking out. Meeting new people with a like heart and a like spirit is so energizing!

I love thinking outside of the box and dreaming. Mark opened a coffee shop 2 years ago called Ebenezers Coffeehouse right in the heart of Capitol Hill. Awesome location. Awesome idea. He has two church services there on Saturday nights. He made a statement that was really cool – In the New Testament, people hung out at wells…a natural gathering place for people in the community. He considers Ebenezers a post modern well. What an awesome thought.

Don’t be afraid to dream big. That’s what I’m learning these days.

Check out what they are doing: