Dara and I had dinner last night at the Rock Bottom Brewery in Downtown Charlotte with Hutch and Adrienne Vollendorf. It was so nice to have an “adult night”. Thank God for Grandmommy and Grandaddy living here 🙂

I have been feeling some things pretty deep in my spirit these days about downtown Charlotte. I heard a teaching by Mark Driscoll about the importance of the city. So many things start out of the city and then move out into the suburbs and beyond. I think one of these days we may do something pretty unique downtown. That falls under the “I’m praying about this one” category.

Lots of ideas running through my head as we were walking around the city checking out all of the skyscrapers, shops, restaurants, theaters, museums, etc. It’s fun to look to the future even when we are in the midst of some amazing things in the present.