We got off to an early start yesterday (3:20am) and took a 4 hour trip through the mountains to Tilaran. I’m beginning to believe that every missions trip I ever go on will include a terrifying drive on an unpaved road at speeds that are way too fast on a bus that wasn’t designed for off road travel.

Dani and Kara organized two elementary school assemblies that went amazing. Puppets, skits, sharing the message of salvation, and LOTS of hyper dancing for the kids. Let’s just say that Sarah is one HECK of an impromptu choreographer for the kid dancing.

We had another amazing lunch (the food is INCREDIBLE!) after the school assemblies. After that we went to a church in Tilaran and helped paint the roof of the church. Those of us that were not on the roof went down the road to a farm that overlooked an amazing valley. We proceeded to milk cows (I observed) and watch up close as a cow had a bowel movement that was nothing short of disgusting.

Later on that evening, Justin preached an amazing message on having Hope. He was so clear and precise in his ability to articulate (with a translator) what God had laid on his heart. I was so proud of him…he spent the entire trip leading up to this evening praying over his message and changing it as God led him. Jeff and Ben both gave their testimonies about hard times that they have walked through and how Hope in Christ got them through. I can’t say it enough…these are the moments that make the long hours and trips away from my family worth it all. To hear these three guys sharing their faith and proclaiming it so genuinely is so rewarding. I am just grateful that God has allowed me to be a voice in their lives. God is so great.