I have been working out of coffeeshops, local restaurants, public libraries and any other place I can find free wifi for the past 3+ years. With “office space” firmly cemented as priority #123 right now in the future church planting budget, you can imagine my joy when I first heard of Lightbulb Co-Working.

Lightbulb is a 2,200 square foot creative hotbed for local entrepreneurs and businessmen and women to office for an incredibly reasonable rate ($75/month). There’s no assigned seating, about a dozen workspaces to choose from, wifi, a conference room for 12 and another meeting space that can fit four people. Free coffee, sodas and water. And best of all, you don’t have to purchase guilt coffee at the local coffeehouse in order to sit down for an hour to check email.

If you are an entrepreneur, creative type, church planter or the like, you’re going to love this concept. Check it out and see if there’s one in your community.