Dara and I believe that God has called us to church planting for life. We want to spend the rest of our lives planting new churches anywhere and everywhere God leads. And we want to do it all from right here in Uptown Charlotte.

We have a dream to pastor Center City Church for the rest of our ministry. 40 or 50 years in Uptown Charlotte doing life and ministry sounds great to us. So that means that our role in planting churches will be more indirect. We have a dream to raise up church planters and send them out healthy, resourced and ready to roll. It’s an exciting dream.

I am spending two days helping a new church plant this week. We are meeting all day tomorrow to go over what needs to happen in the next four weeks before they open to the community on April 11th. This is such an exciting opportunity for me to be able to take what I’ve learned in the past two years and pass it on.

I want to plant churches for the rest of my life. I just want to do it from our home base in the best city in the world – Charlotte, NC!

If you have a dream to plant a church – and your vision resonates with what we’re doing here in Charlotte make sure you connect with me! I’d love to chat.