We are sitting here in our office (Caribou Coffee) talking about our launch this weekend. After all of our plans to get prepared for Sunday, we brought up this idea today:

What happens if there are more people there than seats?

The theater we use has 235 available seats (after all of our setup). We just mailed out 53,000 mailing pieces to the community. If 1% of the recipients show up we would have over 500 people. If .5% show up we would have 250 people. Add this to the 65+ that we have been having on a regular basis and we might have a very good problem.

That would be amazing. Although we are realistic about how many will come, we have a contingency plan in place if we have way more than expected. We are renting another sound system and wiring another theater for video to simulcast the service in case of overflow. We may not need this, but we’d rather be ready now than get caught Sunday.