Christmas 2009 was really thin in the Docusen home. As we were in the preparation stages of opening Center City Church, there was not much money to go around. Dara and I decided that we would be extremely frugal and creative in giving presents. We made things for family members, decided on no presents for each other and used what little money we had to get gifts for our kids.

When we would go shopping for the kids at Target or Wal-Mart, we would always take a brief stroll down the aisle that had the flat screen TV’s lining the walls. I told Dara one day, “I know that God provides all of our needs. He’s proven that. But if I had one want for Christmas this year, it would be to replace our ancient, 19 inch, enormously heavy TV in our living room.” While looking at the HDTV’s adorned all around us, we would chuckle at the fact that the picture was so terrible on our television and then continue shopping for the kids.

Dara had gone to our room to take a well-deserved nap on December 23, 2009 (one year ago today). The kids had been especially exhausting that day. But I stayed up and was reading in the living room when I heard a knock on the door. It was the FedEx lady. And she had a 37″ HDTV next to her. I was so confused.

Me: “Who is this for?”
FedEx Lady: “Are you David Docusen?”
Me: “Yes.” (imagine my completely dumbfounded look on my face)
FedEx Lady: “Well then I guess this is for you. Are you sure your wife didn’t order this for you as a surprise?”
Me: “I can guarantee my wife didn’t surprise me with this.”

I took the TV inside and sat there, without opening the box, staring at this blessing for 20 minutes. Not kidding.

Turns out that some of our out-of-state friends wanted to bless us for Christmas. They said that they wanted to show us how much they loved and believe in us. I was completely shocked.

I share this today to say one thing very clear:

If you take a step of faith, God will give you an big screen, HDTV.
Just kidding.

This is not really about a TV, at all. It’s about our God that loves us and wants to bless us. He has promised to take care of every need, but sometimes he even wants to give us a few wants. Be grateful today for the basic provision of life. Your daily bread. Health. All of the necessities. But also remember that God is a loving Father that longs to bless us. I felt the love of God one year ago today because of the generosity of our friends. And that is what I remember more than anything.

Thank you, Jesus, for your love for our family! And thank you (you know who) for our TV! God not only heard our prayers for provision, but even our silly prayers for a TV. That is the type of God we serve. And he lavishes his love on us in the most creative ways. One year ago today, it was in the form of our church planters big screen HDTV.