I guess a month of non-blogging is long enough. Time to jump back into a rhythm of blogging. I like to view my blog as a digital journal that everyone can see. I have another journal that includes lots of personal, intimate, moments along with some griping, complaining and screaming in all caps. You don’t get to see that one. But this blog is a way for me to share our journey.

I also think it’s fun a few times a year to look back on the previous years of things I have shared on the blog. It’s like mile markers along the way. Pretty cool. All that to say this: I’m back in the blogosphere. Here’s some bullets from the past month:

 – We identified and appointed seventeen volunteer positions within our church and are actively looking to grow that list. It’s time for the people of Center City Church to really rise up and take this thing into the next season. As everyone rises up in their giftings, I am released more and more to do what I’m good at doing (which is directly related to me NOT doing the things I’m terrible at doing).

 – We came thisclose to miraculously getting a property for Ebenezers Coffeehouse. We had a man in our community put in an offer on a building for us that would have been absolutely incredible. And after he bought the building, he was going to give it to us RENT FREE for the coffeehouse. That is the single biggest gift we have ever been almost given 🙂

– I learned a ton through that delay in this vision. I only stayed down for about thirty minutes, because I realized that the dream to see this accomplished keeps getting closer and closer. It will come to pass. But it will happen in God’s timing. I don’t want it a moment before God’s perfect timing.

– I’m blogging from our new office. So blessed to be able to say that. I was preparing a message a few weeks ago and I just had this little prompting in my spirit that it was time to go look for an office. Two hours later, a woman in our community offered me office space at an amazing, 100+ year old house that has been converted into offices at an incredible rate. God opened the door. And now we have an office for our team to gather every week as we seek God on how we’ll change the world. Check out the pic below. Great things are coming. I’ll keep you posted as we go. Thanks for sharing the journey! To God be the glory for all he’s done and all he’s about to do in and through our community!