Each week I give a benediction at the end of Center City Church. It’s the same thing every week, and it’s my prayer for every person in our church. I raise both of my hands toward the people and pray this blessing over them:

“I pray that Psalm 119:105 would be true of your life this week: May God’s Word be a lamp to guide your feet and a light for your path. I pray that you will not stray off to the left or the right, where there is darkness and confusion. But that you would stay on the path that is lit by the light of God’s Word. I love you. We’ll see you next week!”

This is a very important time of the service for me each week. My prayer is that our church would see the value of applying God’s Word to their lives all week long, not just on Sunday mornings.

This verse promises that God will illuminate our path. Give us direction. Help us to have confidence in our next steps. There is not always promise for a spotlight, but there is the promise of knowing that your steps can be certain when directed by the wisdom found in God’s Word.

Where are you looking for wisdom and direction? Take a moment and consider opening God’s Word today and allowing him to illuminate your path.