4am – Woke up to Max (five years old) coughing. He came into our room and promptly fell asleep on my pillow with his arm across my head.

7:30am – Woke up as Jack (two years old) came crashing into our room – coughing.

8am – Our little guy, Ben (8 months old) woke up – coughing.

9am – Off to the doctor. Three on one. Dad and the boys. Trying to keep Jack from destroying the waiting room and examination room while holding Ben the entire time was the stuff of legends. One ear infection (Ben) and two severe colds.

10:30am – Off to Wal-Mart to fill Ben’s prescription. They didn’t have his information on file so we waited for 15 minutes as Max and Jack tried to personally examine everything on the aisles. I was doing my best to discipline them (quietly) while holding Ben and trying to give all of our information to the pharmacist that didn’t quite know how to enter the information.

11:00am – Drop off Jack and Ben at home.

11:05am – Drop off Max at school (doc told us that he’d be fine).

11:10am – Pick up Ben’s prescription.

11:30 – Off to work.

Being a dad can be really crazy at times. But I absolutely love it. I remember beginning to get frustrated today with how insane the morning was going. I had so much that needed to get done. All of a sudden, my perspective completely changed. It’s not always going to be like this. I am Daddy to four amazing kids (all ages 5 and under). They are going to grow up and we are going to look back on these days and smile. So I decided to just smile and enjoy my kids. We sang. We made up words. We joked around. We ran all over town. Laughing and coughing. Together.

I love being a dad.