Yesterday was an unforgettable day in the life of our vision to bring Ebenezers Coffeehouse to Uptown Charlotte. It was so great to have Mark Batterson with us yesterday as we toured this property. We have been discussing this partnership for the past four years. It was surreal to sit there yesterday as we looked across the table from each other realizing both of our dreams could be coming true in this process.

God put a dream in Mark’s heart years ago that Ebenezers could expand into a franchise that would be replicated all across the country. We are one step closer as the meetings we had yesterday led to yet another green light.

I had been praying all week long that if this is not God’s perfect will, that we would feel a red light during these meetings. Quite the contrary, each one of us left these meetings yesterday encouraged and energized about the viability of this property.

We are taking a few days to back away, pray and allow God to speak. We will then reconvene on Friday to make a game plan of how we will move forward. I am praying Psalm 119:105 over this entire process: God’s word is a lamp to guide our feet and a light for our path.